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Spiritual Healer

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ABOUT Martina

The founder of Celtic Heart & Soul, Martina, is an innate healer and a pure channel of unconditional love. She has the ability to draw powerful healing frequencies and vibrations from the Universe. She holds a very safe and sacred space for her clients which allows them to receive deep healing so they can release any blocks and begin their journey back to their heart and find the essence of who they truly are. She is deeply connected to Mother Earth and has a very grounded nurturing soul. Each  Spiritual Healing session, Akashic Records Journey and Live Activation is unique to the individual or group.

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Martina is an incredible and unique soul, with so much intuitive wisdom, yet entirely relatable at the same time. I’ve been lucky to know Martina for some time, and even luckier to experience her guidance first hand. Breakthrough after breakthrough. Not always easy, but just the right guidance at the right time. Knowing you’re in safe and capable hands allows vulnerability to reveal itself.

Ivor - Taree NSW

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